Friday, November 27, 2009

evangeline's kitchen.

here's where (some of the) magic happens. vegan deluxe baking time.

evangeline is beautiful.

I've known this girl near half my life. she's a babe. and I'm grateful that I have someone so pretty and with such good sense of color to photograph. it's okay to be jealous, guys.

mal's hair, and kitchen.

kitchen table view.

it's like living at the base of a majestic mountain, casa de capell.

taco salad night.

I really need to stop going to james and mal's and eating their dinner. thanks guys.

turkey capell

she also has a rain coat. seriously.


an enjoyable way to spend an evening with friends and ore.

mosquitoween: a christmas tree indeed.

I assure you, brendan was a jolly christmas tree for most of the night. some people just get wicked grumpy when they see a camera. but hey, it's a grumpy christmas tree. that's hilarious.

mosquitoween: the groom, a zombie cosmonaut tale

aside from just being an amazing halloween, the festivities also were all about michael mike and trina's wedding. I have no idea how I completely failed to get any pictures of the beautiful bride, but at least I got this wonderful picture of the groom. that was by far the best wedding reception ever, guys, and if that is any indicator to how awesome your life together is going to be, then I am jealous beyond what any words can describe. congratulations, friends.

mosquitoween: sully

sully looked really beautiful and I wish I would have gotten better photographs. thanks for some good dances, lady.

mosquitoween: arianna

even in 7-11, this lady is one of my most favorite subjects.

mosquitoween: vic

he might hate fun, but this picture is adorable.

cutterween: steve

steve is the definition of where the wild things are.

cutterween: amy and lydia

amy was looking both cute and trashy, which is actually really hard to pull off. lydia was looking just cute, but whatevs, beggars can't be choosers.

cutterween: jesse

jesse as patrick bateman was phenominal. the dude needs to start wearing suits in a non-costume way.

cutterween: michelle

michelle as slash. it was amazing. she molested everyone. and chain smoked for effect. very dedicated.

cutterween: andrew

andrew is a new kid in town, and I like him a lot. his costume was impractical, but whatever. narwhaling.

cutterween: emily and miguel

the cutest wolf pack of two EVAR. emily was hilarious, and super fun, and actually didn't pass out after a wine cooler as predicted. miguel sang the shit out of some rush, but until I see him rocking the king crimson, I won't be THAT impressed.

my front yard:

what the hell is holly good for? being pretty, that's it.

I was on tv.

emilie parker strange etc. and I were on tv, with jonnie and bobby. we all had a viewing party. judge joe brown!

that's a brodeo

that's america.

I like shoe pictures.

and this one includes my shoe AND a menu for hungry tiger two. pretty sweet.

oh, the trees.

the second fall started to hit, I realized I needed to take pictures and pictures and maybe even rolls of film dedicated to the trees, and the color change of autumn. I literally took ONE picture. this is it. luckily for all of us, it came out beautifully. good job, nature.

emilie at hungry tiger too.

when I first saw this photograph, the first thing I was drawn to was emilie's hair, which is beautiful in this shot. the second thing was her look, which honestly I recognize as "zach, why are you taking my picture?" but in the end, I think the part that really interests me, more than anything else, is joe's teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack. maybe it's just me, but that's the natural progression in my eye. hair, face, turtle. maybe a slow down at the wooden beam, that mimosa on the table, but those three are definitely my favorite three parts.


june is, by far, the funniest guy you'll ever meet. for real talk, the world would be better if all of us would just throw in $10.00 a month and let june quit his day job, and realize his destiny of hosting a talk show, entertaining us all day long, all night long, and far into the magic of the future. let's get to donating.


if I had one wish, I would wish mal had a martini glass in her hand when I took this picture. also, fyi, I'm not entirely sure there isn't a y in her name. I might even go so far as to say there is definitely a y in there somewhere. sorry, mal.

getting the inabit

here's some pictures from my and james' road trip to get the inabit in eastern washington. I really blew the phototaking part of my trip, in that I was so exhausted that I forgot I was supposed to be taking pictures for most of it. but here's some that I really liked from the adventure.


james bought a moped off ebay for $11. it was a honda hobit, or if you happen to be the predictive text on my phone, an inabit. which is how long it'll be before I get there. "when will you be here?" "in a bit." anyway, james bought it, then we drove to get it, then he fixed it, and I traded him some shit for it, and now I ride it everywhere. the top picture is my favorite picture of a moped I've ever taken.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm not gonna do them all, because it's Thanksgiving, and I've got places to be, but I wanted you to know that I got some pictures developed, and I'll be updating my blog in the next day or three. Hope everyone is doing well, and here's some previews.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


ok, so, I got fired, which isn't really a big deal, because the job sucked, and didn't pay shit, anyway. well, okay, it paid enough to live on, mostly, so that was cool. what this means to you, is that I won't be updating this for a bit, as I am wicked broke, and have no money to develop film. I'm going to be trying to figure out how to rectify this situation, either by getting a job, or unemployment, or selling stuff, but as for now, this is it. So maybe go back and click on the old stuff. check it out. it's pretty swell. loves.

Monday, October 12, 2009

james capell

james is, by far, one of the most loyal and amazing people I've ever met. I'm not gonna get emotional or whatever, because AMERICAN HEROES don't need no hippy emotions, but this guy's had my back over, and over, and over again. a phenomenal friend, even when I don't deserve it. which I don't, mostly. don't tell him that, though.