Sunday, July 26, 2009


so, I want some way to keep negatives. I lose shit constantly, and I'd like to maybe one day be able to reprint the hell out of fine gems like this one. I was thinking some sort of metal box thing, or a binder with plastic sleeves that I could slide them in. photo peeps, thoughts?

it really can't be that safe to take pictures while driving.

pretty though, right?

clutter, from left to right:

box filled with clothes I never wear, but cart around, i.e. shirts from blink, mr.t experience, less than jake, all from high school. comic books (that one's T.M.N.T., it was a gift). my stella acoustic, with action that makes it impossible to play, which I need to get fixed. yamaha keyboard, one key sticks, but I'm okay with it, mostly cause it's a black one, and I'm not good enough to use those. random papers. variator weights for derbi perfomar variatarrrr. shoe with holes in it, and no laces, that I wear like slippers. some books and records, not correctly put away. some boxers and other "clean" clothes that I dropped on the floor when getting other clothes out of my dresser. 1963 univox hollow body that I got when I was 17. first non-bass instrument I owned.

amazing how revealing this look into my life is, when all I was trying to do was take a snapshot of my stella. next time I move it to a less cluttered room.

still appreciating the pretty accidents like this:

it's true.

$.25 camera vs Lomo LCA+

I mean, head to head, we're either going to have to admit that the cheapo dude is somehow an accidentally good chinese camera, or that the extra $99.75 was all for some cool shadows, right guys? I really, really love my Lomo, and I'd pay at least $120 for those shadows. also, not totally fair, in that we're dealing with kodak 100 speed Elite Chrome film in the cheapo, and fuji 200 speed whatever chrome in the Lomo. I'll do some more side-by-sides in the future, we'll pepsi challenge it, sure 'nuff.

emilie parker strange stewart everson.

challenger, musical genius, wit and punny, beautiful and wicked smart, two steps ahead, scrabble dominator, wa-waaa, clumsy in a good way, great interior decoratarrr, duped her into reading comic books, even after duping her into loving mopeds, BEST. FRIEND. EVER.

Friday, July 24, 2009

so, I bought a camera, for twenty-five cents.

how's about a twenty-five cent camera, a dollar sixty-six for film, and ten dollars for developing? one of these things is not like the others. in order: traveling 60 mph around a curve might not be the best time to take a picture, I'm angry that it's only crab apples in my yard, jason's el camino got lightning bolt tastic, across the street and back in time, emilie really likes the blue of the sky. all in all, my $100 camera takes better pictures. does it take 40,000% better pictures? yeah, actually. the quarter camera does have it beat on quick shots, though. things that I'd have to think about with the lomo, I can just aim at half assedly while driving with the cheapo. I think I'll keep it around so that I can take pictures out my car window or something, but I already feel like I've got my $.25 worth out of it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

ice cream is unlikely.

another skyline cemetery:

the first one faces east. for those disinclined to be aimed at the midwest, there is always the option to aim yourself at the pacific ocean, at the cemetery just up the road.

west hillian:

there's a cemetery off the beginning of skyline, and a bench you can sit on. if you're there around 6 at night, in the summer, you'll see this.

downtown never feels comfortable to me.

west burn, west burn, uptown shopping. once this area was fodder for jello biafra. now it's residents are too class to serve jello, and no one living here has ever heard of biafra. have you?

alien conspiritar.

whether it be government or extra terrestrial in nature, one thing is for certain. these antenna are telling you to keep shopping. lucky for me, they aren't telling me where to shop, which is why these photos were taken with $1.66 a roll film, and not $13.00 film. capitalism be damned!

out my window:

oh, rainbow dragon, how you made me get fat, with your $5.50 giant lunch combination plates. luckily I have moved next door to the taco cart, which is more delicious, and less gross.

whatcha all know about rocky butte? (part 1)

I'm sure there will be more. one can not have too many pictures from such a place as this. if you click on the first picture, you can look through the hole in the wall, and see east portland. it's a special treat.

that film I was telling you about, on a mountain:

blurry pictures of old slide film are artsy times 12.

continued fail.

I've taken over 6 photos of this fallen down building, and this is the best I can get, all the rest being blurry and unidentifiable. it's cursed, and I concede.

continuing the summer of (moped kids) getting janky cars. (car 3!)

here's mine. 3 cylinders of awesome. RUNNING CAR! WITH TAGS TILL 2011! WITH A CD PLAYER! $225. thank you, I know, I'm the bargain master.

photo blog, I'd like to introduce you to Jawbreaker:

boat on a hill, never going to sea, anchored, to a fixer upper's dream.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

okay, now someone give me millions of dollars.

so, that post right before here, where I asked for hundreds of rolls of slide film? not that good, but I'm sitting high, here. the film I usually pay $12-13 for? I just found for $1.66 a roll. SERIOUS. it's old, and so, I don't know, MAYBE it'll look weird, but I doubt it. even if it only looks half as good, it'd still be worth it, being that I got it for 78% off, or whatever. Thank you, WHEELER DEALER! (also exciting, is their 2/$1.00 deal on Clone Energy drinks!)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

so much flims!

so, it's been an active week. recording. erina coming to town. natalia too. the sandy river. oak's park. moped night. driving mufflers. I've developed two rolls of film (or flims, if you're swedish, and unable to get the cooking job you actually are looking for, these times are tough) in the past three days, and so there's been lots of updates. I guess what I'm really trying to say is that you should make sure you click the "older posts" button on the bottom of the page, because you'll be kicking yourself if you miss out on awesome pictures like this:

right guys?

also, someone please give me hundreds of rolls of slide film. thanks.

dudes of chaos reign in the chaos and make it static.

we went to waiting room recording studio and worked with marcelo on a recording. it was nice. as was his blue chair and his blue carpet. check out some stuff we did here:

i'm really in love with mt. scott and happy valley:

continuing in the docu mentation of why the two fall into the "zach's favorite parts of portland" category.

the sentence was a bit awkward.

continuing the summer of (moped kids) getting janky cars.

more cars were bought by my friends this summer (we're only half done!) than in the last three years. they're all interesting. jason steps it up with a 77 El Camino. I wish austin's mini-van wasn't in the first picture, so it looked like it was actually in 1977.

everything is beautiful.

we just need to pay more attention.

the cheyenne hybrid:

it burns gas AND rubber.

(joke credit goes to Simon Green, who I steal all my best jokes from)

the elusive and magical pedicorn.

the girl who rides this bike, ms. valerie, is a magical creature on her own. I think she is dreaming us all, sometimes.