Sunday, July 5, 2009

really, though.

what kind of idiot names his blog Wizard Active Photography Club? It seemed like such a good idea, until I had to tell people what it was, and have them just phase out and stop paying attention after the second or third word. Why not Zachary Adam Evans dot blogspot dot com? Ah, well. Hi guys. Been loving the feedback. I'm halfway through a roll of slide film right now, (two of the pictures were taken by a two year old! here's to hoping that Destroyer got Mommies photography genes!) and I'm happy to say that I am NOW the proud owner of the Lomo LCA+ that I've shot all these photos with. Thanks to Alicia for selling it to me. I'll do my best with it.



  1. how have you been going about making your photos digital? are you just scanning them?

  2. fred meyer scans my negatives and gives me a disk. very nice of ol' fred.

  3. mr. meyer is such a helpful guy.