Thursday, June 30, 2011


I got my first ever canon the other day. I believe it's an early 80s/late 70s canon av-1. along with it I got a 50mm 1:1.8 lens, a 135mm 1:3.5 lens, a 75-200mm 1:4.5 macro zoom lens, and a 28mm 1:2.8 lens. this was shot with the last of them. also a flash, carrying cases, and manuals which is great, because I've only ever shot with a 50mm 1:1.8 before. all of this for $40 as well, pretty damn stoked.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

matt smith

matt smith is one of the most interesting guys I know. from sailing around the world to being obsessed with legos, to being really subtly great with jokes, to being hella smart, matt's one of those dudes that not a lot of people know about, which is a bummer for you fools that are missing out. maybe it's because he hangs out with loud mouths like me, that drown out the way funnier shit that matt says. actually, that's probably it. anyway, matt's rad. stoked that I know the dude.

the drunken late night how are we not getting a noise complaint party

I took a couple of pictures from the late night party in the room, but I think this one is the best. blown out. brodeo with that little half smile that indicates he's wasted. allen laughing so hard that he's almost gonna fall over, while jake looks like he's got his shit together, even though he's using that wall to not fall down. it was a great party, and it was strange being the soberest one in the room. also, I'm pretty sure this party ended with brodeo sleeping in a parking garage, but it's honestly a mystery to everyone where he went.

fuck knuckles and surf turd?

okay, I'm pretty sure that was supposed to say SURF and TURF, but that TURF looks like TURD. also, I wish ciao would have gotten in a fight that night, as his plan to double punch someone and yell "you got fuck knuckled" would have been AWESOME to experience.

pizza party!

i love the the concierge had us pegged as hipsters and told us to order pizza from the hippy pizza place with natural ingredients because, as it turns out, we are hipsters, and it was hella good pizza. ashley, lynda, elliot, and bret.


where else would I get a picture of the man named naptime? I met david years ago, and he impressed me (and everyone, really) with his ability to take naps any damn place he pleases. he's also a really smart cat, who's very insightful, and generally soft spoken, but who has told me on numerous occasions that I'm an idiot. and usually he was pretty right. stoked that we got to hang out at the rally, wish we got to hang out more often.

casa de creatar

and then there was hotel. the creatures decided to get rooms, I think mostly for the ability to swim in a pool, which seems totally reasonable to me. I felt that buying drugs was a better investment, but I didn't turn down the invite to pizza party AND late night party in bret, siesta, jake, and lynda's room. it had a nice view and only sort of smelled like farts.

more mopedsss

Creature babes and more mopeds (including vic's old laguna) and literally the RAREST moped to see at a moped rally (amf roadmaster, nathan would be proud) and ace's bike, which I passed, and was passed by, at least 30 times on the saturday ride.

moped ride one pt 2

we break the law, we break the law, we run away (slowly and poorly), and then we park these things, and get awesome.

moped ride one

some mopeds, some mopeds, my introduction to cal-neva, and proof that the puddle cutters advertise better than keystone. also, I think jesse's helmet makes his head look like a bug.

what the hell, reno?

I've been drinking on and off for 16 years or so, and for some reason, I had never seen keystone before. we used to talk about it, years ago, while drunk in fresno. like we all firmly believed they made a keystone light, but no keystone, thus defying the logic of making a "light" alternative. leave it to reno to have the only damn cans of it in the world. also, keystone needs to up their advertising. by buying this picture from me.

longo and ciao

two of my favorite people. I wish jessica could have rallied more, but it was hella great to see her. ciao killed it all weekend, and got drunker that I've ever seen him. so that was a win.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


so, I went camping, stared at this, communed with the gods, and then found morels the next morning. it was a good way to spend a couple of days.


on the bmx is adam who, after this trip we took to the local skate park, has become one of my favorite new people. the dude is mega rad, and I'm super stoked for emily (pic 2, reading the bible) that she gets to hang out with him all the time. good people. then there's some dead thing, and the view from their driveway. fun day, though I was really embarrassed to be so sore from doing a couple of bunny hops.


four more pics from that trip to kelly point park, none of which help determine who was actually on the trip with us. emily's bike, miguel's helmet, miguel and his bike, and some trees.

the oregon coast

our thrifting trip led to the oregon coast. chelsea was THRILLED and not at all bothered by the freezing water.

breakfast of champions

mal, chels, and I went thrifting. with a stop off at hungry tiger first.

happy little accidents

I really like this photo. it was one of those "beginning of the rolls, take a couple shots to get the film warmed up" photos, and I think it came out interesting.

the one parking lot:


that time we went to kelly point park...

so, it's been a while. I think wang was also there? and I wanna say... somebody else? maybe not, but I thought there was five of us? anyway, miguel, emily, wang, somebody maybe, and I went on a ride, on a nice day. it was really pretty. and we went to kelly point park. yup.