Saturday, February 26, 2011

norther and zach go to canby: part three

this was actually bald peak, but part of the canby adventure. there's two pictures that are pretty much identical. how'd I know that they'd both come out good? am I supposed to pick one I like better? fuck it, they're both going up.

norther and zach go to canby: part two

the continued canby graveyard adventures

norther and zach go to canby: part one

so, norther and I both really like driving around, and looking at stuff, and taking pictures of stuff, and being awesome. we were talking the other night about all the places we had been, and one thing led to another, and we decided to go to canby, lurk in cemeteries, and take pictures of stuff. So here we go:

norther: ich bin meine eigene frau

norther got a really rad tattoo. she bled a lot. and was really nervous. but angel did an awesome job, and it looks great. we took the bandage off later, and you could read the whole thing backwards in blood. pretty sweet.

alexis wrekk: cribz

alex has my little pony hair, a reasonably organized office, and a wonderfully decorated/ painted dining room. she also let me get tattooed in her house. she's hella rad.

before. then after.

I got a tattoo on my hand. I wanted a reminder that life is really fucking cool. cause it is. and for the record, the 't' hurt the most, and the 'l' felt really good. it was a strange tattoo. thanks angel!

tattoo day.

so, norther and I went to get tattooed by the wonderful and talented angel sanders. check her out at it was a rad day, hanging out at alex's house, with maggie and norther and angel.


robin was probably the only person properly dressed for shooting guns on a snow covered mountain. luckily, she balanced the scales by showing up WAY hungover.

Monday, February 21, 2011

norther emily

my good friend norther just moved back to portland after being gone for a couple of years. I really wanted to take her out, bro-down, catch up on everything we've missed in each others lives, and have a really fun time doing it. so we jumped in my truck, headed to the wilderness, played in the snow, and shot a bunch of guns. if handing a girl with frostbitten hands a tec-9 isn't a great welcome back then I don't know what is.


I was showing someone my blog last night, and some of those early pictures of eli blow my mind. I'm having a "they grow up so fast moment" and he's not even my kid. anyway, this dude's finally talking about comic books non-stop, which is what I've been waiting for since I met him. he's really rad, and next time I go over, hopefully his parents will let me watch cartoons with him.

natalia czajkiewicz

why so serious, girl? ha. hanging out with talia, always awesome. I think I got a salad? beats me.


I went up to seattle a couple weeks back to see brendan and arianna barrans. not just them, but a mostly them. these kids are the nicest hosts ever, have a really cute house, and are a lot of fun. this was what I can call the before picture, the day that followed involved a really awesome moped ride, an underpopulated show, getting shit housed and baffled by kids in the hall, and having every video game that I wanted to play break. ha. it was amazing. I have some other pictures from this trip from another roll, but here's brendan as we played spinja's in the morning.