Saturday, June 27, 2009

saturday, at straight to black out, you'll see:

apocalypse nowish.

or: staring into the sun isn't all that bad.

the photographs of friends that didn't come out that well, but I want to talk about my friends, post.

Christopher Michael Ubick. I miss this man terribly. we've been getting better at actually hanging out, and so that's good, and it seems like our traditional "let's not hang out for six months so that we can have some good stories to talk about when we next live together" phase is nearing an end. so what's the deal, Chris? you moving in here? or am I moving in there? we've been friends for 13 years, buddy. that's an awfully long time. and we just keep getting more and more attractive. who'd of thought?

Evangeline Nichols. I think these pictures say it all. in one, she won't stop moving long enough for me to actually take her picture, and in the other, she's making a goofy face. can't I just take one pretty picture of you, Vanj? I first met this wonderful lady when we were 15? 16? somewhere around there. most uncomfortable car ride ever was me, vanj, and her gross bf, them making out at every stop light while giving me a ride home. something about v and motorized vehicles. and next time yer dad wants to talk to me about apocalypse now, yer getting your own ride to the skate park. also, also: EN,RN, I can't wait.

my favorite abandoned building, yet, for sure.

don't tell me what it was for. I believe it was a place of magic, and your real world logic won't change that.

someone get me a job making postcards.

this one obviously needs something about jesus or some road less traveled poetry written on the back. WIZH U WERE HERRRRREEEEEEEE! on a serious note, it was beautiful.

cast aside, for sure.

things are tough all over.


I don't write graffiti. I honestly think some of it falls in the art category, and some of it falls in the lamez category, and while I've put my fair share of stickers on public and private buildings, the actual graffiti thing was never me. however. if I ever start, I will solely be using the tag VODKA GIRL. because it's awesome. and it rolls off the tongue. say it out loud. elongate the giirl just a bit. so good. also, for some reason this reminds me of Natalia. hey there, vodka girl.

the farms to the west, the good land, the good earth, the good life.

I don't have much to say about these, as I think they're just pretty. I love that just outside of Portland is a beautiful farm land. the bottom one, though it's a bit too dark, is of an old barn, which is something I picked up from my dad. I think if someone would pay him to go around photo graphing old barns, he'd be the happiest camper ever. and now I drive around the country side, looking for half abandoned, have fallen over buildings to steal images of. there are worse hobbies.

Happy Valley

it you're in portland, headed south, and east, around the johnson's creek and 82nd area, you might think, "oh, so here's where Portland gets trashy." and you'd be right. but look east, at mt scott, and know that the beauty continues on the other side. this is happy valley. it's suburban. people have nice cars, and are isolated from portland, and their kids probably aren't allowed to go into the city until they're 16 or something. but it's really pretty. i think, at least.

mt scott!

ah, mt scott. I used to ride over him when going to the produce job. my first Cutter ride I led was up and over 92nd, the Kinetic going slow, indeed. Clackamax, with ol Scott as the thing that needed to be gone up before we could enjoy the down. Bombing down this hill here, a stock bike could wind out to almost 50. ZOOM.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I didn't get to take any pictures today, however:

I wore a forest green shirt, brown pants, and blue shoes today. I feel that the colors, especially with their whites and blacks that accented, went incredibly well together. Just saying. Also, here's my new favorite comic book page. this is art. and literature. mixed. magic.

Also today, I realized how much I really like the album "only by the night" but kings of leon. I still think their name is horrible, though. More photography tomorrow!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

DOUGHNUTS (and hate from this "god" fellow)

Evangeline, doughnut fairy princess, gave me the goods, and made our moped meeting even more delectable. (Eric cooked an amazing breakfast, sure enough. Doughnuts were icing on the cake). (also, you have to click on the picture for the big picture to get the god hate)

this is the easy part

the bottom of the great down hill. if you're here, you're near home. well, you're near the 55mph four lane highway that will take you home.

emily, the second, a.k.a., V(isual)M, Lil Emily, ETC.

I tried to take a multi-exposure picture with Emily as the subject, but failed. The single exposure came out pretty okay, though. I succeeded earlier, this camera is a bit erratic. I think I was trying for multi exposure in the third, as well. Still, good photos? Good enough, friend.

troll bridge after the great down hill

we went to test ride a ride today. Is it uphill? Do cars accelerate uphill at 45 mph an hour if their automatics? How many people in this car are high? And why are these breaks smoking so much? Rally car truck down the great downhill, and at the bottom, the train bridge, the troll train bridge, and there it is.

also, LtoR: sabatino, kim, miguel, brodeo (feet only), new kid maggie, vic (feet only), magic bryan.


I already have a moped blog, so I don't want to overdo it with pictures of the same thing posted on two blogs, but I went to Cincinnati. It was beautiful. I have this plaque, that's a picture of a run down barn, and it says, "everything's beautiful in it's own way." That's how I feel about Cincy. So beautiful.

grass fields

I had to take a piss. While driving mufflers around. Pulled off he highway, and let it out, and then realized that I accidentally picked a really beautiful spot to pee. Wild grass fields?

mufflers, son.

I drive for a living now. The driving is awesome. I love it. I love being paid to drive around, look at pretty things, learn how the suburbs are laid out, try to understand why people live out there, shop at weird stores that they don't have in Portland. Talking on my cell phone to people I don't have the time to talk to on a regular basis. It's great. I could do without the rest of the job, being in the warehouse for an hour and a half every morning, loading trucks, showing up to the stops with the wrong paperwork, not enough paperwork, or incorrect paperwork. But yeah, the driving? It's amazing.


these days, I'm spending most of my time dreaming of my band, and the infinite possibilities we have to be awesome. Such potential, friends. I've never been more excited about anything musically, and I owe it to these to kids. Loves of my life, no doubt. (david in his back yard)

And Em, the love of my life musically and otherwise:

sometime in the birthday vicinity.


Every Sunday, Em and I have been forsaking our previous Sunday activity of playing mopeds for the new and exciting summer time activity of playing softball. It's good. There's entirely too few girls (generally, just Em) and I keep hurting myself (the muscle in charge of sprinting is broken on me) but it's a hell of a good time. Here's the view from the side lines. One of these days, I want to hit that school with a nice slow pitch.