Saturday, June 27, 2009

the photographs of friends that didn't come out that well, but I want to talk about my friends, post.

Christopher Michael Ubick. I miss this man terribly. we've been getting better at actually hanging out, and so that's good, and it seems like our traditional "let's not hang out for six months so that we can have some good stories to talk about when we next live together" phase is nearing an end. so what's the deal, Chris? you moving in here? or am I moving in there? we've been friends for 13 years, buddy. that's an awfully long time. and we just keep getting more and more attractive. who'd of thought?

Evangeline Nichols. I think these pictures say it all. in one, she won't stop moving long enough for me to actually take her picture, and in the other, she's making a goofy face. can't I just take one pretty picture of you, Vanj? I first met this wonderful lady when we were 15? 16? somewhere around there. most uncomfortable car ride ever was me, vanj, and her gross bf, them making out at every stop light while giving me a ride home. something about v and motorized vehicles. and next time yer dad wants to talk to me about apocalypse now, yer getting your own ride to the skate park. also, also: EN,RN, I can't wait.


  1. That photo is so fierce.

    Oh, and yr right. You boys do just get more and more attractive... great job!

  2. i agree with vanj, and i wish i was part of this post.

  3. me too! i'm jealous. i'm sure if i'd been in eugene today instead of traipsing around on the coast with my gardening school friends, you would've taken a super great photo of me, and i would be on your super great photo blog soon. alas.