Thursday, March 10, 2011


angel is by far my favorite tattoo artist ever, and just hella rad all around. here she is being bundled up, and shooting a gun! yay portland vacation!

emily and adam

emily brought this dude shooting guns with us, and he had a sweet hat, and busted his ass trying to help get my stupid truck out of the snow. so he's a winner in my book. emily is always a winner in my book. so here's a picture of two winners. in the snow.

more norther gun pictures!

from that same gun shootin adventure as earlier, these just took longer to get developed.

someone put a flying saucer on a stand, plus the beach


the work parking lot: exhibit b

the mamiya's take on it:

I love night time cross prossessed photos

I mean, I've really not got anything else to say about this one.

a different parking lot, the same idea

killing time, not working.

mal and zach go thrifting in mcminnville

some highlights from a successful thrifty thursday:

the work parking lot: exhibit a

there's this parking lot that I sit in when it's slow at work. I read doctor who books, and listen to the radio, eat lunch sometimes, call my parents. you know, the things you do when sitting in a parking lot. I love the view, so I've decided to document it. here's what the voigtlander had to say about it. I didn't keep track of the dates the pictures were taken, but some time about early february.


the man, the myth. there's little I could say about mike that this picture doesn't say. real good dude, real good stash.


kendra came to visit, from buffalo. I think this might be the only picture I have of her, which is weird, but whatever. anyway. kendra is amazing. she's mostly a whirlwind, and this time she was really muted, and it was a good visit, where we just talked for hours. I wish she lived on the west coast so I could see her more than once every five years.