Sunday, May 16, 2010

f/s: one gently used belt buckle

this shit's going on ebay. a vast improvement, even if it doesn't actually help keep pants up anymore.


james shooting the shit out of some shit.


I've mentioned arwen's awesomeness and gun lovingness many times, (like here: ARWEN) and the only thing I really have to add this time is that she's a scorpio, and we bro-d down about that, and her skylark, while a really debatable mode of long distance travel, did a fine job of getting us to simon's and back. she's still rad, she's still tougher than you, and there we are.


meggan's pretty rad. I don't know much about her, something about redneckery in her past, but never having shot a gun before, she works at a cafe, she wears doilies, which I don't even know if that's how you spell that. but she seems pretty awesome. so that's cool. I would question her sense of direction, especially when drunk, but my friend elias once walked four miles in the wrong direction while wasted, and he's lived in portland for like 7 years. it happens. anyway, if I wasn't lazy, I'd make an animated gif of the first two pictures. also, she looks sort of scart with that tec, no?

not with gun

I like this picture of mica. she wasn't shooting anything, but it's still pretty rad.


so, I only got a couple good shots of vic shooting, mostly because he didn't yell or walk at targets or shoot with the gun sideways as much as everyone else. but I really like the one of him here with the tec, and I think he and mica ended up making a really weird/awesome picture together.

my girl.

mica had never gone shooting before. I wasn't really sure how she'd feel about it, whether or not she'd be stoked on it. about half way through the day she looked over at me, with this awesome goofy grin, while holding a semi- auto tec-9, and I got the impression she was having a good time.

mal and james, a love story.

nothing romantic than teaching your wife how to shoot a gun. mal with her first shot, mal figuring out how to get over her winking problem, mal smoking and shooting a tec-9.

mt hood

we woke up early one saturday morning, well early for me, having worked the night before, and early for other members of the group having worked hard drinking the night before, and we headed to the beautiful mt hood. it was warm, but not too warm, there was a small bit of snow still on the ground. it was incredibly beautiful, and we had a great time. shooting guns.

the park

after spending a beautiful day riding my moped all over, I went to meet up with david and daniel and a bunch of their friends at the park. and then I laid on the ground, took some pictures, then took a nap. it was great.

mysteries of the deep!

so, a few months ago, I'm guessing around october, I went out to take some pictures with my trusty mamiya slr, only to find out that I suddenly was missing three of the four screws out of the bottom of my camera. I put the slr on the shelf for WAY to long, waiting to go buy replacement screws, and using other cameras. finally got it fixed the other day, then finished shooting the roll that was in it, and here's the pictures I took before the screws fell out. johnny b, and three of my front yard at the fight club house.

Friday, May 14, 2010

odds and ends

so, this first one is my favorite graffiti ever, followed by my love of chain link fences, and followed by a moped. do people still like pictures of mopeds? did they ever?

I've said it before, but it bears repeating...

there's something about cincinnati that just grabs me. maybe I'm fated to die there, maybe next time I go I'll find a gold brick, who the fuck knows? I feel like the kids I've met there are a big part of it. they have a bit of that fresno feel to them, the banding together of a small group where, even when they're pissed at each other, they're family, and even if they hate cincy, it's their home, and you better shut the fuck up about it. anyway. love those kids, love the town, here's some pictures.

cincy thai food with kristen

the first time I really hung out with kristin, we were in an old van, smoking weed out of a pop can, cramming mopeders who had broken down in the back, and driving semi- dangerously around the ohio country side. I realized then that she was a really rad girl, and yet another of the cincy kids that I wish would just move to portland already. the last day of my trip she went with me out to thai food. it was pretty delectable, and good conversation, and no, I have no idea what she's doing in that second picture. dancing? yawning? also, she has pretty much the best apartment I've ever been in. frealz.

Friday, May 7, 2010

scooter club cincinnati.

we went out for mexican food, and the salsa was delightful.