Tuesday, January 11, 2011

guns and rollerskates

obviously, if you're paying attention, this blog is about taking pictures of having fun, and loved ones, and that's why I'm pretty stoked that my first pics of 2011 are of homies and fun. love you dudes, let's keep getting awesome.


I don't think she was looking at anything, really, but if you look at it right, it looks like there might be a ghost there that she's looking at. here's mica, amazed that I finally bought a couch, a year or so after I first brought up that I was looking for one.

the brit

so, we took another foreign european type shooting with us, this time, some kid from where bbc is from. he seemed scared, and also, angry that I kept calling him the brit. this wasn't meant as a diss, more that I just couldn't remember his name, and he was the only foreigner there. he was not nearly as attractive as our last foreigner, but he was a nice kid.

what the fuck?

it's this kind of insanity that makes vanj great. "would you like to shoot the ar?" "sure, hang on a sec..." *digs through bag, pulls out a mask, puts it on* "okay, I'm ready!


I really like andrew. he's what I would describe as a "capitol weirdo". this is a great thing to be, a little eccentric, a bit weird, but a good dude. this picture's not that great, but I wanted to post it because I like the hella old grandpa gun, the sleeveless t, and the goofy haircut together. it's a nice combo.

alexis wrekk: gunslinger

alex was un- comfortable about shooting guns. I told her over and over again how safe and sane we were shooting, and that if she wanted to come, I'd be happy to have her. she came, and became the first person to hurt themselves with a gun that we've shot with. I felt really bad. luckily, it was a little ding. sorry, alex.

back in time vanj

we went shooting this summer. and I developed the film this winter. a couple of the shots looked weird. I like them. vanj + pistol + cheerleading outfit. whynot?