Thursday, October 22, 2009


ok, so, I got fired, which isn't really a big deal, because the job sucked, and didn't pay shit, anyway. well, okay, it paid enough to live on, mostly, so that was cool. what this means to you, is that I won't be updating this for a bit, as I am wicked broke, and have no money to develop film. I'm going to be trying to figure out how to rectify this situation, either by getting a job, or unemployment, or selling stuff, but as for now, this is it. So maybe go back and click on the old stuff. check it out. it's pretty swell. loves.

Monday, October 12, 2009

james capell

james is, by far, one of the most loyal and amazing people I've ever met. I'm not gonna get emotional or whatever, because AMERICAN HEROES don't need no hippy emotions, but this guy's had my back over, and over, and over again. a phenomenal friend, even when I don't deserve it. which I don't, mostly. don't tell him that, though.


for those who have never been estacada has many fine murals on the walls of it's town. here's a couple I like.

professor of fire arm technolitar

I love it when simon tells us about the history of guns, but I think the cigarette dangling from his mouth, interfering with his speech, makes it seem a little less informative than it actually is. it's the equivalent of your calculus teacher wearing a cowboy hat in class.


holy shit, way to own it, man. boondock saint?


okay, can I just say. formal wear + assault rifle? so amazing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


paul's adorable. what other way could you describe him? the way he gets excited and stutters, the way he tells jokes and then grins, making the joke funnier because of his reaction than it ever could have been had anyone else told it. I mean shit, look at that picture on the bottom, and believe me that he looked back and made that face every time he cleared a clip. adorable. he's got other great qualities that I can reflect on some other time.

lil' emily

I want to make a post about how I think this girl's awesome, how she's one of the most amazing illustrators I know. but this post isn't it. guns and whatnot.

we went shooting again.

arwyn was stoked. and totally okay with the fact that I was going to spell it with a "y" instead of the "e" or "i" that's supposed to go in there.

atwtr: heather creature

oh, heather. what a beautiful and magical creature. heather was also at the first rally I was at, and she has been nothing but wonderful and loving ever since. whether it's when I'm having girl troubles, or when I was down in california for my grandfather's funeral, I know that heather is someone that I can count on. I really feel like my life is so much better thanks to meeting this girl, her beauty and humor and overall awesomeness is so wonderful that I'm doing a subpar job explaining it. thank you so much for being so great, friend. wish we were closer so I got to see you more.

atwtr: chicago

chicago kurt was at the first rally I went to. I was out of fucking control. it wasn't my fault, as I was drugged, but no one knew me, and no one knew that, they just pretty much knew that I was wasted, and a retard. kurt didn't really seem to judge me harshly because of it, nor has he written me off since, even though I've been a douche to him. really sorry about that, kurt. my brain is occasionally broken, and I'm occasionally not the person that I wish I was. anyway. a nice guy. I will be sad when he moves to japan for good, but maybe I will have a comically small couch to sleep on when I visit?

atwtr: stever

an ex-girlfriend of mine once said, when we were dating, something along the lines of "it's better that we don't have the same taste in music, because then we'd spend all day arguing about why 'if you like this band, how is it possible that you don't like THIS band' and then we'd spend all night playing music for each other in an attempt to convince the other one. as it is, we both just like what we like, and we can leave it at that." stever and I are not like my ex-girlfriend and I. I feel like steve and I are more like to people walking down the same street, together, but one of us was about to walk into a tree branch, and moved a bit, and the other one had to move the other way to dodge a puddle, and then both of us are like, "hey man, my side of the sidewalk is totally the RIGHT side of the sidewalk." small differences we try to make same aside, stever is intelligent, witty, and caring, someone I'd be very happy to make a long drive with (especially if there's a mixtape involved), and someone who I'm happy I've had the opportunity to meet. Even if he totally is walking on the wrong fucking side of the sidewalk.

Friday, October 9, 2009

atwtr: what you drinkin?

dean and chicago's new old stock sparks (with energy!) might be impressive in their obscurity, but syriah's rum and ginger beer + lime combo was so tasty that I'm totally stealing it next summer. she told me what the drink was called, but I was so busy trying to drink all of it without her noticing that I was stealing her shit, that I don't actually remember. maybe I'll just call it a syriah.

atwtr: kirsten, syriah, someone married?, someone else?

I've mentioned my love for chain link fences, right? here's a great picture of babes with a chain link fence. and instead of ruining it with my dumb rambling, I'm going to copy and post lyrics:
now it's the end of the summer and I'm just twenty-one, I been in california for the last two months, and there weren't no girls like her out there, her boyfriend don't like me and I think that's fair, cause I'm sitting right here on the chain link fence, when she smiles at me gonna take my chance, say I know the show's over but I wish you wouldn't leave, hold on, hold on, hold on to me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

atwtr: alan landsquid

alan should have moved to portland years ago. alan should be moving to portland as I'm typing this. as a former (fresno) bee employee, it hurts me to say this, but I hope the sacramento bee crashes and burns and we get to have alan darken our doorstep with a handkerchief tied to a stick behind him.

atwtr: zack cuperteen part 2

okay, really, I wanted to post these because it seems like this would be a series of photos, where the next one would be rafter, covered in zack's blood. right?

atwtr: the ground at the bonfire.

I like the sand foot prints, and the tight pants, and the nice shoes. oh, and that weird shit in the upper left hand corner? totally broke the photomachine. whoops.

atwtr: ciao

ciao should have been my favorite professor. he wasn't because we're basically the same age, and he isn't a professor, but he really should be. I guarantee that were he, he'd be someone's favorite. probably a lot of someones. get a hot wife and a doctorate, friend, and then get tenure at some liberal arts college and blow the kids' minds.

atwtr: bret hoffman, cheap wine tastetester.

ha. who doesn't think of bret exactly like this?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

atwtr: who the hell is this?

I have no idea who this is. if it's you, thanks for wearing that shirt. it made for a good picture. what are you playing with?

atwtr: the sun also sets on in-n-out burger.

"Dear Oregon: California has better sunsets. Maybe it's the pollution, maybe it's somehow caused by rampant unemployment, but dammit, I found a lot of beauty in a parking lot."

atwtr: bob's skateboard.

I totally love it. the small photo of it makes it hard to see the awesome art. click the picture to see the bigger version, it's well worth it.

atwtr: um, actual races.

okay, so, honestly, I'm not that excited about taking pictures of actual racing. I like taking pictures of people afterward, or before, but during, well, it looks like spacemen riding mopeds around in circles. I know all these guys, and I can barely figure out who's who. it seems like the only real reason to take them is to hope you'll get a really interesting wreck picture (good job with that, Ciao) I took a bunch anyway, here's some that I like alright, I think the first one's my favorite.

atwtr: responsible jon

I'm not gonna lie. there's a part of me that's scared of ol' rj. he's too squeaky clean. well, I mean, a lot of the time he was covered in grease from the bus, so not literally clean, but there's just something about him. the dr. pepper? the midwestern charm that always makes me think of bombing abortion clinics? the way he seems to generally want others to be happy? maybe that's it? maybe it's me feeling this urge to balance out his posi with my negativism? his please and thank yous with my fuck and yous? I don't know. he's a hell of a nice guy, and only barely freaked out this whole weekend, so I don't even know why I'm still talking about it. just on my mind. I think most of it came from me being so high in denny's and him just demanding more and more and more water. freaked me out.

atwtr: arianna and jihee

arianna's hair was made for cross-processed photos. totally love this girl. would totally get my ass kicked on her behalf. I have a lot more to say about how rad I think she is, but I'm running late. mad love, frealz. jihee's an excellent baker, generally hilarious, and an awesome new friend.

atwtr: tried taking pictures of trees

through a mega dirty window. accidental radness once again.

atwtr: kurt

I'm gonna go ahead and admit that the awesomeness of this picture is accidental. it's a little dark, but I love it. totally the first shot of a new roll, and totally amazing. oh, and kurt's amazing too.