Friday, October 2, 2009

alicia lynn carrier.

we were talking about it today, and I've known alice for about 12 trillion years by now. she's loud. she's honest. she's a good person. she's a bit crazy. she tells your secrets unless you tell her they're secrets, for realsies. if you wrote 100 ways to describe alice, and then you wrote 100 ways to describe me, I'm sure at least 70 of the descriptions for each would be comparable. we fight sometimes, but are always good about forgiving each other, and I think a lot of that has to do with us understanding each other. I mean, I don't think I'd call out a friend for a crush they have on another friend's wife in front of both that friend AND his wife, but hey, I've at least mostly let that one go. also, if you like this blog, I owe it all to alicia. were it not for her lending me a camera, we wouldn't be here. were it not for her explaining to me that c6 developed as c41 was the jam, we wouldn't be here. were it not for her taking a trillion beautiful pictures, especially her work with brighid, I wouldn't have had the drive to try and affect other people with photography, the way that she affected me. so. yeah. oh, and do I think this is the best picture I could take of alice? nope. but I've been meaning to get all sentimental for a while now, and I'm tired of putting it off. and it's not a bad picture or anything.

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