Friday, October 2, 2009

uncle zachy

zach. zachary. even zachariah, which isn't accurate. evans. big fucking ape. these all are acceptable. I even had some people in my life that called me "z" and I was okay with it. the only thing I couldn't stand was "zachy".
till I met this kid. eli's my bro, and I'm hella glad to have him in my life. got him a guitar, some day will get him a drum set, really can't wait to see him grow up and rebel like crazy against his parents, but I get to always be the really cool uncle zachy. of course, when he's like, 10, he better start calling me uncle zach, or something. oh, and I wouldn't have put the last pic in, but his mom likes it, so whatevs.


  1. uncle zachy!

    dude when he rebels against us, does that mean he's gonna start wearing popped-collar polo shirts and driving a hummer? because that'll be fucked up.

  2. He's got a look in his eye in that last photo like he already thinks of you as Uncle Zachy, it's the look of, "yer cool man." also i like your short depth of field, i need to get a real camera