Sunday, October 11, 2009

atwtr: stever

an ex-girlfriend of mine once said, when we were dating, something along the lines of "it's better that we don't have the same taste in music, because then we'd spend all day arguing about why 'if you like this band, how is it possible that you don't like THIS band' and then we'd spend all night playing music for each other in an attempt to convince the other one. as it is, we both just like what we like, and we can leave it at that." stever and I are not like my ex-girlfriend and I. I feel like steve and I are more like to people walking down the same street, together, but one of us was about to walk into a tree branch, and moved a bit, and the other one had to move the other way to dodge a puddle, and then both of us are like, "hey man, my side of the sidewalk is totally the RIGHT side of the sidewalk." small differences we try to make same aside, stever is intelligent, witty, and caring, someone I'd be very happy to make a long drive with (especially if there's a mixtape involved), and someone who I'm happy I've had the opportunity to meet. Even if he totally is walking on the wrong fucking side of the sidewalk.

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