Saturday, August 29, 2009

from the river house,

my foray into commercial photography, thomas kemper, feel free to mail a check or well concealed cash... actually, let's make it a check, or free soda. thx.

dos cosmos

okay, so it's single cosmos, but that's because my photo of jen came out great. also, totally rad band. I believe they're playing a show at my house next month, you should come see it.

alexis wrekk.

alex is brilliant and funny and witty and beautiful and kind and magical. I miss having long conversations about dumb shit on her porch, and I miss working together, and I miss getting wired on coffee at work until we decide that we're over it and start getting drunk. helluva rad lady, and I'm happy that she's in my life. total babe, too.

the bowles river house, it's magic.

alexis mentioned that her parents have a river house in southern washington. I mentioned that I had a car. the rest, as they say, it history. some brilliants:

amateur b. photographer with delusions of future professionalism.

I'll never be as prolific or as good at it as alice is, but I'm up to the challenge. bbqin.

and also, I have a lot to say about this girl, but I want to wait until there's a picture with which to help me paint the picture completely, and these just aren't they.

jerry ray lewis.

once upon a time, there was a band, featuring the singer of a band called chased by bees. but that dude's not that important, the other dude in bionic commando, jerry, is the important one. i saw that show, met jerry, talked about atari nervously in the parking lot, and we formed a band. that didn't die for like, 6 years. they found my naked corpse face down in the snow was a really large part of my life, and jerry was my partner in crime. over hill and dale and all the way to cincinnati. hella records later, and I finally split, but I still really appreciate the times that it existed. good times, buddy.


ha. we went to a bbq. I took a picture like alicia would, at least, I think it would be a picture similar to alice. who else would take a picture of a jar of wine? then I took pictures of alice. they didn't come out that well. but I like the jar o wine.

r. jason florence

aside from being the proud owner of an el camino, jason also an amazing doughnut career that will lead to the love and admiration of fat people everywhere. also a fine singing voice and a sweet mustache.

j. bowen.

I don't know what to say. seriously. so awesome. wit and wisdom that knows no bounds. and galactus tattoos. and wonderful teeth.

quite possibly the best arm photo ever,

thanks vanj's tattoos!

optical illusions!

nature! right side up, or on it's side?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

two near forgotten gems from bremerton.

who doesn't love corn? somehow the only good pictures I have from friends on this trip involve brendan and matt smith.

new camera roll one! finale

last two.

new camera roll one! continue

more random new camera pictures.

new camera roll one!

so, I got a new camera. mamiya/sekor 500TL. 50% black tag special, like $12 and change. I shot a roll of 35mm c41 color kodak film, just to see what happened. lots of dark pictures on purpose, to see what's up. all of them are gonna be tagged ROLL ONE. check it, I'm pretty stoked.

Monday, August 17, 2009

on the way back to seattle: a bird! a city! with a sail boat! and a buoy! and some stuff.

I like the bird.

arianna's family's land had some pretties.

I took a lot of pictures in the woods. they look like pictures taken in the woods. I like these two the best.

portraits of friends in seats across from me:

lazy photographer that I am, I just waited for friends to sit down, then took pictures. matt smith: I can't tell if matt spent too much time on a boat, or too little. really. he's in his head too much, if you ask me, and he should spend less time wondering why things work, and more time being amazed by the wonder that things work at all. brendan barrans: I tried to fight him the first time I met him. I know this because he brings it up when he's wasted. I suppose I'll never live it down, but fair to say, that brendan's internet presence is fight worthy. when all is said and done, I enjoy hanging out with him a lot, and I feel like he's a really good human being. I do try to avoid bringing up my leftist pinko revolutionary anarchist rhetoric into the conversation, as it's much more fun to talk about awesome movies and video games and fun things. plus, no one wants to talk about anarchy.

when I was 17.

I had a house party. my parents were gone in utah. why would you leave a 17 year old around if not because you wanted him to have a party? at any rate, I made out with a girl, with this ep on repeat in my cd player. it was about bremerton. so bremerton has a spot in my heart. here's what it looks like getting on the ferry to go there. my friends are in the astrovan.

I went to a hotel, there were friends waiting for me.

I saw what appeared to be a homeless man attack a car with a golf club. hello, seattle.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I took a really awesome picture of lydia

oh, hey girl.

oh my god, the sky is beautiful.

what could I possibly say?

i done saw a pretty train.

i've got nothing for this. i thought the colors would look neat. now that it's developed, i think i was right. the end.

I got a new camera!

this actually happened before the rally, but I figured I'd keep all the rally whatnot in the same spot. I got a CHINON though I don't have it in front of me to tell the model. here's the best pics I got from it's first roll, including one I took using the timer! it still works! love it, so much. thank you goodwill for the $5.00 camera that is actually 20 times better than the SPECIAL MOMENTS. now I just have to get better with the lens, as a lot of shots came out blurry as fuck. still, I'm digging it so far.

the day after, my favorite day.

monday after the rally, I got out of work early and hung out with some remaining creatures of the loin. it was really the funnest day. not the best pictures, but here's flynn getting tattooed, syriah in the middle of a bummer real talk story (those are some real talk eyes), and ciao and ed getting awesome.