Monday, August 17, 2009

portraits of friends in seats across from me:

lazy photographer that I am, I just waited for friends to sit down, then took pictures. matt smith: I can't tell if matt spent too much time on a boat, or too little. really. he's in his head too much, if you ask me, and he should spend less time wondering why things work, and more time being amazed by the wonder that things work at all. brendan barrans: I tried to fight him the first time I met him. I know this because he brings it up when he's wasted. I suppose I'll never live it down, but fair to say, that brendan's internet presence is fight worthy. when all is said and done, I enjoy hanging out with him a lot, and I feel like he's a really good human being. I do try to avoid bringing up my leftist pinko revolutionary anarchist rhetoric into the conversation, as it's much more fun to talk about awesome movies and video games and fun things. plus, no one wants to talk about anarchy.

1 comment:

  1. Ummm, you also tried to fight me the first time we met. I see a pattern here... you meet lots of cool people.

    Nice photo pictures too Zachary.