Monday, August 17, 2009

when I was 17.

I had a house party. my parents were gone in utah. why would you leave a 17 year old around if not because you wanted him to have a party? at any rate, I made out with a girl, with this ep on repeat in my cd player. it was about bremerton. so bremerton has a spot in my heart. here's what it looks like getting on the ferry to go there. my friends are in the astrovan.


  1. move to bremerton, we'll hang out
    move to bremerton, we'll go all out
    move to bremerton, and then move away because bremerton is lame.

  2. ha. totally. man, there used to be such good songs to make out too. I just can't vibe with auto-tune make out party.

  3. ah that song still makes me feel like making out. and i remember taking naps at your house after school senior year and listening to that song and so many others while u drove me around. can we go back?