Sunday, March 21, 2010

so, I got made into an image, then put on a t-shirt, and mica modeled it.

my girlfriend is beautiful.

mica's neighbor.

I have no idea why I took a picture of this kid. I mean, I thought the lighting would be good. and it was. otherwise, really got nothing in the narrativeness. I think it's pretty. the end.


I'm pretty sure that there's things going on in jessica's head that I would never be able to understand. there's always this feeling that her mind is doing really interesting things that I want to get in on. I guess that's not a great job explaining it, and I feel like maybe I could do better, but that's what comes to mind when I think of jessica. that, and that I really like the way she talks, and uses her hands while talking. hm... I think that I'll try to take more pictures of her later, and by then maybe I'll have a better idea of what it is that I'm trying to say.

grill 'em all.

metallica is fucking stupid. seriously. the world would probably be a better place if cliff would have lived, and the rest of them died. but whatever. this truck, is awesome. even if the name references morons.


I like this guy a lot. he likes to push my buttons (who doesn't?), but he's really smart, and decent, at least 90% of the time. he does get drunk and act a fool sometimes. again, who doesn't.

vision questing in the desert, an epic tale of trying for redemption

our hero, his sanity failing, decided that the best idea would be to run full speed into the abyss, either to be lost forever, or to be found. the old wizardly indian chief was out there somewhere, why not at a go-cart track in the middle of no where? the dirt would be good for the soul, if nothing else.

on our way to the desert.

on the way to the desert, shortly before I pissed on the side of this building, I realized that I really liked the colors of it's sign. somewhere in between bakersfield, california, and apple valley, california.

dbl j and alicia bought a house.

they have a slot where the mail comes in, and a front door. see? Also, I'm not sure, but I think Alicia took this picture.

true story.

I met a girl at a bar. I'm not sure how that even happened, the sequence of events was so random that it could never be replicated. if I hadn't of called this person who called this person, who was here doing this, and this person was angry, so that person sat over there, and not over there, where I sat, and had it all not revolved around this other girl, and then there's always that girl that chris met, at a bar, thanks to doughnuts, or some such thing... and then, really, it was her friend, texting me, which made me think I had a chance, which maybe I didn't, until I thought I did. but now here we are. how she puts up with me, I have no idea, but when I feel myself wanting to just really give up, I remember that we're not even close to done with our will smith dvd collection, and that makes me double up, and keep trudging through. she's beautiful, and smart, and loud, and she bakes, and she's currently making me dinner, and talking to me about how ridiculous the insane clown posse is, while we listen to sweet tooth nelson, and there's not another place I'd rather be.

mica, at a rest stop in washington, the great mt st helens in the distance.

mica and I went to seattle, and while I totally failed at taking pictures when I was actually there, I did take a plethora of pictures at this rest stop we stopped at.

what the hell is photography?

is it better than cupcakes and coffee? doubtful. maybe that's why I haven't been doing it lately, so concerned with just trying to get shit in order, keep myself on the free side of sane. somehow, in the pandemonium that has been this existence, I got a hold of one of my grandfather's cameras, and shot a couple rolls. so, here you are.