Sunday, March 21, 2010

true story.

I met a girl at a bar. I'm not sure how that even happened, the sequence of events was so random that it could never be replicated. if I hadn't of called this person who called this person, who was here doing this, and this person was angry, so that person sat over there, and not over there, where I sat, and had it all not revolved around this other girl, and then there's always that girl that chris met, at a bar, thanks to doughnuts, or some such thing... and then, really, it was her friend, texting me, which made me think I had a chance, which maybe I didn't, until I thought I did. but now here we are. how she puts up with me, I have no idea, but when I feel myself wanting to just really give up, I remember that we're not even close to done with our will smith dvd collection, and that makes me double up, and keep trudging through. she's beautiful, and smart, and loud, and she bakes, and she's currently making me dinner, and talking to me about how ridiculous the insane clown posse is, while we listen to sweet tooth nelson, and there's not another place I'd rather be.

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