Friday, April 30, 2010

saturday: the day we sat in a yard and didn't rally

I had some amazing conversations with amazing people on saturday. it was a great day. a day that had nothing to do with a moped rally, and had everything to do with drinking in a yard in louisville with friends from cincinnati. the downside is that every single picture I took, I took from this chair. sorry.

the best out the window driving down the road everything's blurry picture I ever took.

kentucky at more than a mile a minute.

indian food with erin!

man, it was good. I can't remember which place this was, and there were twelve trillion indian food places in cincy, but it was real delectable, and a fine way to spend an evening.

cincinnati is beautiful.

man, I wish there was a way I could just spend a week walking around and taking pictures of all the buildings without the worry that someone was going to punch me, take my camera, and leave me for dead.

brian's car: jesus, nissan, ghost cell phone.

there's something about this that just seems weird. but I like it, and I was stoked for brian driving me around to thrift stores and whatnot. it was a damn good day, and I found what I was looking for, eventually. and no, I was not looking for jesus.

from erin's stoop.

they have grass in cincinnati. proof!

cincinnati and my ongoing love affair with tbs.

I went to cincinnati, mostly because there was a moped rally in louisville, and I wanted to spend time with my dear friends there before we went to kentucky. erina picked me up at some ungodly time in the morning, and was nice enough to let me use her car, couch, and nature documentaries to pass the morning. I've said it before, but it bears repeating, I'm lucky to have erin in my life.

mica + rollei part two.


believe in the power of you.

I took this picture in either a fit of optimism, or some sort of mocking of optimism, but either way, here it is. you too can believe in the power of you on belmont near the cemetery, but you might not be as lucky in the foot model department as I was.

mica + rollei part one.

I took about a trillion pictures of my girlfriend as we walked down the street. here's some that I like.

pacific coast

this sign is across the street from my house. I love the design of it so much. I think the world would be a better place if everything was this warm.

burgerville featuring droni mitchell

so, the burgerville on hawthorne has shows now. I'm 99% sure it's just to bum out the squares, but who knows? the bright lights, the early start, the french fry smell... it's a weird experience that I highly recommend. also, the coffee milkshake with some snuck in booze is GREAT. also great is droni mitchell, and my friends who were there.


mica and I went to jam on hawthorne. I am not super impressed. there's nothing really bad about it, but since portland is a breakfast mecca, I can't help but say that it's not my favorite. the portions are pretty awesome though, and they have some alright ideas if you like sweet breakfasts. this is mica eating some sort of pancake.

when people have fun.

this is not a good photograph. what this is, is documentation of what it looks like when two people are really able to let go, and have a lot of fun. this is here to remind us how fun we are, and how fun we can be.

where could I be?

I haven't the foggiest notion what's going on here. am I in a cellar? is this the last photograph of a man losing his mind, falling to pieces, locked away and forgotten about? well, maybe not the last, but still. where is this?