Saturday, August 15, 2009

creature breakfast club

there's no way I'm gonna remember everyone's name at any rally, but I thought I could do better than this: LtoR: syriah (new friend crush!), that girl that rode bob's cobra with sweet face paint, annalise (who we may have sent back to sf more awesome than we got her, and who is amazing), andrew (that dude who I didn't like at first, but who em said was cool, then I realized that maybe I just wasn't getting his sense of humor, and later I decided was actually cool), josiah (in blue, who I think I bummed out kicking out of the party friday, but who knows, I can't read him very well), maggie (who I've known was cool since day one), I can't even tell who's behind maggie, was that someone at our rally? sorry if my fail memory bums someone out, dom (saint, and voice of reason, total sweet heart), allen (granpa jokes and moped rally cursed), heather (made me feel truly loved the first time I met her, and it was a time where I needed it. someone I would happily get my ass kicked over, any day of the week), jessica longo (okay, you know how you think longo's a sweetheart? I heard her tell a dude that she was going to rip his face off and throw it in the street. seriously. don't tell her I told you, I don't want her to fight me).

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