Monday, September 14, 2009

how the fuck do you spell "arwyn"?

I have no idea if that spelling's right. she says her dad's jewish, and so therefore she is, which worked out well enough, because she caught the free boat to israel. her laugh is infectious, and loud, the kind of laugh that catches you off guard, and you wonder if it's okay to be having such fun, and you wonder if they'll kick us out from wherever we are if we keep flaunting our good time. plus, babe, smart, funny, all of the key words one looks for in a bank robbing associate. also, this firecracker is about five foot tall. the shot gun there is about four foot tall. holy shit, she owned that thing.

also, click here for a digital cheat, I took a picture that didn't really come out, but it shows how damn big that cannon was, so I fucked with it for five minutes just so you could see it. you're welcome.

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