Friday, July 24, 2009

so, I bought a camera, for twenty-five cents.

how's about a twenty-five cent camera, a dollar sixty-six for film, and ten dollars for developing? one of these things is not like the others. in order: traveling 60 mph around a curve might not be the best time to take a picture, I'm angry that it's only crab apples in my yard, jason's el camino got lightning bolt tastic, across the street and back in time, emilie really likes the blue of the sky. all in all, my $100 camera takes better pictures. does it take 40,000% better pictures? yeah, actually. the quarter camera does have it beat on quick shots, though. things that I'd have to think about with the lomo, I can just aim at half assedly while driving with the cheapo. I think I'll keep it around so that I can take pictures out my car window or something, but I already feel like I've got my $.25 worth out of it.

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