Sunday, July 26, 2009

clutter, from left to right:

box filled with clothes I never wear, but cart around, i.e. shirts from blink, mr.t experience, less than jake, all from high school. comic books (that one's T.M.N.T., it was a gift). my stella acoustic, with action that makes it impossible to play, which I need to get fixed. yamaha keyboard, one key sticks, but I'm okay with it, mostly cause it's a black one, and I'm not good enough to use those. random papers. variator weights for derbi perfomar variatarrrr. shoe with holes in it, and no laces, that I wear like slippers. some books and records, not correctly put away. some boxers and other "clean" clothes that I dropped on the floor when getting other clothes out of my dresser. 1963 univox hollow body that I got when I was 17. first non-bass instrument I owned.

amazing how revealing this look into my life is, when all I was trying to do was take a snapshot of my stella. next time I move it to a less cluttered room.

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