Saturday, July 4, 2009

waste not want not, the recycled photography awesomeness.

Em and I were talking about how she wanted to decorate her new room. I came up with a plan. and then laid out photographs that I didn't want to keep, most of which didn't make this blog. I laid them out solely based on what colors and lines were prominent, and how I thought they best looked together. I also randomly made it a 7x7 grid. It's strange, to me, that the middle row, has three of the same picture, getting darker, interspersed with two of the basic same photo, also getting darker. hwy, cincy building, hwy, cincy building, hwy, al getting darker to the bottom. also, along the bottom row, there's the brownish orange coloring in every other picture. anyway. strange stuff. totally didn't do it on purpose. I really like how it turned out (although the iphone photo didn't really do it justice) and I am thinking of doing it at my house, as well. anyway. it was a nice hour or two on a saturday.

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