Friday, July 10, 2009

the illustrious and marvelous heather q brackett.

so, I have this memory, that I'm sure is fake, of meeting Q because she was dating Jef!? I mean really, can anyone picture Q dating Jef!, at all? wizardly though he is, I'm sure the memory is a fake. and something about a store? realm something? and we lived together and whatnot, us, and Tif, and gaggles of cats, and screen printing, and art, and strange ideas about things to do with basements that slanted and were mere inches tall. none of this, of course, can be real. the girl at adventureland, who steers her ship bravely no matter the weather at hand, could it have been so long that we've been plotting together? and wait, memory, you feeble friend, you say at one point she was your boss? I think it maybe is too much, for you to remember it all, and the cracks in your abilities to do so are far to easy to spot.

at any rate. here is Q.

1 comment:

  1. i love this lady. can you create some memories where she and i hang out a lot?