Friday, July 22, 2011

pdxsf day three

I somehow barely took any pictures in sf, and the ones I did take were shit. again, 86ing the canon after this, I'm just not in a place to learn how a new thing works. ol' reliable-ish mamiya just got a pay raise increase. ANYWAY. alex martin, one of the raddest ladies I know, took me on a whirl wind adventure where we: ate breakfast, texted in nature, drove a car, and ate at in-n-out, all while having deep conversation about life and love and sex and mental health. it was really one of the most beautiful days ever, and exactly how I wish every day of my life was. I wish I had brought some e-6, and my mamiya, cause her hair and her incredibly beautiful eyes were meant for it, and I also wish she lived near me, so we could replay days like this all the damn time.

also during this day, dean helped me get my tire fixed, I hung out with siesta dave, I caught up with veronica, and I went to the bar with all of the people above and more. zero documentation. too busy loving life?

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